The Grand Island tolls must go

The tolls represent a 90-year bait- and-switch scam. The bait? We will build a bridge. The switch? On second thought, we will do whatever we want—forever. It’s time for us to stop being suckers. 

Grand Island hosts that thruway for the benefit of all of New York, but none of the toll money stays here. No one else has to pay to get home! Just imagine what we could do with all those dimes and nickels! Sure, it might be nothing to the big spenders down state and in Albany, but it’s a lot to Grand Island!

As the host community, we deserve to balance the benefit we gain from the bridges and the burden the tolls inflict. Right now, the scale is flipped. Yes, use our taxes to give us safe passage, but give us lights as well that illuminate the river with color and life. And if you must insist on tolling us like it’s still 1929, at least give us tolls fit for 2017! We need high-speed tolls that save money and time.

Help me end slap in the face.

We are reasonable people. But make no mistake. We will not endure what is, upon closer examination, an unreasonable scam. And we won’t continue to just “trust” faceless burecrats who ensure us that the tolls keep us safe and are a good deal. Help me make them keep the original promise to Grand Island and the Niagara Frontier. Let’s end this petty tax. 

This will be no easy fight. It’s a fight I can’t win alone. I can have all the rallies I want, but it will amount to less than a whine of a mosquito in the ears of the toll guardians unless you get involved. I will help you. Now that I have a little time under my belt I can say strongly that a handful of determined citizens in the right can trump and politician.